The ATP Crude Oil trading

The price of oil can be significantly affected by political factors, as well as environmental factors such as natural disasters. Other influencing factors include demand such as that driven by modernizing populations in India and China, as well as supply - that is, production rates in oil producing countries. In addition, technological advances in alternative energies may also affect the price of oil. In short, oil trading can involve significant price fluctuations making it an exciting and potentially profitable market.

Oil prices also affect currency trading. Sometimes, a weakened US dollar may cause a rise in the price of oil. Other currencies that rely on commodity prices, such as CAD (Canadian Dollar) can also be affected by changes in oil prices.

Oil commodity trading is no longer the exclusive domain of wealthy traders, thanks to the advance of online brokerage platforms.

Brokers such as The ATP's partner Vantage FX offer oil trading along with currency, allowing traders to trade on the movements of oil.

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