Q. What is an AFSL and why is it important for The ATP to be a representative of one?
A. AFSL stands for Australian Financial Services Licence. Your bank will hold an AFSL licence to do business in financial services. Just about anyone can open a business and get an ABN (Australian Business Number); the fact that a business has an ABN does not offer any security whatsoever (Your local corner shop for example holds an ABN). The ATP is proudly an Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative. This is important to our client because this means we are authorised to deal in financial products. Below are the classes of our licence:

  1. Classes: Provide general financial product advice only
    Arrange for a person to deal in a financial product
    Issue or vary a financial product
    Apply for, acquire, dispose of financial products on another's behalf

Q. What is Forex?
A. Forex (Commonly known as ‘The Money Market’, Foreign Exchange or Forex) is the biggest market in the world with over 3 trillion dollars traded daily. The most common known example of how an everyday person may utilize this market would be going on an overseas holiday; when traveling you exchange the Australian dollar for the currency of the county you are visiting.

A common misconception about Forex is that it is stocks and shares. Forex is not stocks and shares! Forex is open longer, trades in both directions (Up or down market movements) and is highly liquid. This means that you can trade longer, utilize twice the market movements and turnaround time for trading is much quicker.

Q. I have never traded anything before, do I need experience?
A. Zero experience is required! The ATP services are geared towards people who have never traded or those whom don’t wish to trade. After all, isn’t it better left to the experts?

Q. What is the minimum starting capital?
A. Ideally the minimum is $5,000 in your trading account. As the first month is free, quite a few clients like to just start with smaller amounts to ‘test the water’.

Q. Where is my money held/What is a broker?
A. Your trading capital is held at a broker. A broker acts as a gateway to The Money Market; you are required to open your own personal broker account to utilise our services. Please go to our products page for a more detailed example of how this works.

Q. How do I deposit or withdrawal from my broker account?
A. Options to deposit into your broker account include: Internet transfer, direct deposit or credit card. Withdrawing is done to your nominated bank account.

Q. How do I check my account/track trading progress?
A. Most people just choose to receive a daily statement via email; however, you can also watch the trading live if you choose, simply ask a customer service representative how.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?
A. Yes at any time, that’s why our clients love us! If we did not perform well out clients can just cancel!! (No fee's apply)