Now discover why everyone is talking about the A.T.P……

Who is the ATP?

The A.T.P stands for The Association of Trading Professionals - At the ATP we believe in fairness for our members. Our aim is to provide the best trading services on the planet.


At The ATP we have a team of professional traders who utilise proven cutting edge technology to deliver our members a quality service that aims to achieve returns from Forex, Gold and Crude Oil trading services. Our goal is to provide positive returns to anybody from the most experienced trader to someone with no prior knowledge in investing and all with little to no time. Of course the most important part of our whole business model is to ensure our members are happy.

Our main focus at the ATP is to give all of our members high levels of ACHIEVEMENT, to build TRUST through long term relationships and more importantly to create long lasting PROSPERITY for life.


As a member you are our main priority, as the success of our business, relies on the success of our members. We have carefully handpicked the finest customer service team, to ensure that all of our valued members receive the support and attention they need - when they need it. We want a situation of great long lasting relationships which allows both The ATP and our client base to grow together.